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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

Welcome to WaveWare Technologies Inc.

Paging Systems


We Distribute/Manufacture Paging Systems that are high performance, high value systems that allow customers to perform instant messaging to industry standard POCSAG Tone, Vibe, Numeric, andĀ Alphanumeric pagers, as well as messaging to electronic display units and other paging data receiver devices.

Serial Network Alert Processor

Works with Android Smartphones. iOS App Coming Soon!

SNAP StandardAndroid Pager App

The SNAP (Serial Network Alert Processor) Series performs serial and/or Ethernet based alert detection and processing, allowing protocol conversion, repeat notification, escalation, translation, filtering, routing, logging, splitting, combining, scheduled processing and reporting. SNAP provides a Browser based configuration interface.

(Apollo Al-25 Gold)

Apollo Gold

We distribute pagers which are still essential to hospitals, healthcare, and emergency response teams. The value of reliable, emergency communication via wireless paging systems remains high today where physicians and nurses need to be alert and responsive to patients' needs.