Author Topic: "Is my Paging System failing?" (Basic SPS-5 Troubleshooting Guide)  (Read 1744 times)


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There are two situations to troubleshoot when it comes to Paging System Failure both of which, will be explained below.

I've stopped getting any pages out suddenly!

  This problem is probably the hardest to troubleshoot.  First thing you should do is verify that the system is getting power by checking to see if the Power LED light comes on when it is plugged in.
  After that, you should use SPS-5 encoder setup software (If you have a SPS-5v9e you can also use the online page if it is connected to your network through the Ethernet port) to see if it is connecting to your network correctly through the serial, Ethernet, or serial to USB port.  One problem that can arise at this point is that the COM port associated with the serial connection could have a number that is too high.  The SPS-5 starts to act erratically if it is on a COM port higher than 6.  The way to change this is outlined in the second attachment below.

  After confirming that the serial port opens correctly, verify that your configuration of your encoder is correct, and be sure to check the advanced settings as well (Password: 'maint' on Encoder Setup Adv. Settings). 

  If after all that, you cannot get a test page through to a pager, there could be a problem with how the radio is configured. Make sure the SPS-5 paging system is completely unplugged, and open the lid of the system and radio using a screwdriver (Apollo TX-125 will also need a nut removed from the output jack).   Check to see if any of the connections are loose between the radio and the Main board or the radio and the antenna. 

  On both the Maxon SD-125E radio and an Apollo TX-125 radio, there is a set of dip switches that control which frequency channel the radio is on.  However, each radio's dip switches behave differently and is outlined in the first attachment below.

Picture Reference of Radios:        

  After confirming that the frequency channel is set correctly, and you still cannot get a page, you will need to use a Digital Multi-Meter or an Oscilloscope to check how much power is being sent from the radio to the antenna.  If the power (2 or 5 Watts depending on the channel) is non-existent, then the problem would be either a bad cable or antenna(less likely) or your radio has died (Most Likely). In either case, we recommend you to send your system in so bad parts can be replaced and the system re-tuned.

I get intermittent pages!

  This problem is rather simple to check for, but it requires an oscilloscope or a Digital Multi-Meter.  All you have to do is to check how much power (Wattage) is coming out of your radio and compare it to the channel you have selected on your Paging System's Radio's dip-switches.  If the power is significantly less than what is listed on your channel, then the radio is dying and will need to be replaced. 
  If the wattage comes out correctly, then it is either an interference or a distance issue.  Try changing it to a higher Power (Wattage) output on your radio's frequency dip-switches if it is available or change the location of the SPS-5 to a centralized location, or a location that does not have many materials that would interfere with radio signals (e.x. copper).  If not, you can send the system in to be upgraded with either a 5-Watt channel or we can add an amplifier to get the radio to 25 Watts.
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