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WaveWare Technologies Inc.WaveWare
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About Us


Welcome to WaveWare Technologies, Inc.

Home of intelligent information management and wireless communication systems, helping our customers to achieve improved workplace productivity and efficiency.

 WaveWare Technologies is a Garland, Texas based corporation that provides engineering services, information management systems, and wireless communication hardware. Our core products include distribution of pagers, distribution/manufacturing of radio paging systems, and converting to and from medical data protocols. WaveWare Technologies helps customers achieve cost effective solutions involving wireless messaging including systems integration, embedded systems development, custom information management, messaging systems, and specialized signaling hardware.

WaveWare Office

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Meet the team...

Janet Rock

DOE: 12/03/97

Janet, a lifelong entrepeneur, started her first business at 16. After Attending OSU, she launched Rock Systems in 1993, which became WaveWare Technologies in 1997.

Curtis Rock

Vice President
DOE: 07/01/97

Curtis, born and raised in Tulsa OK, developed his social skills at OSU graduating in 1980. He bought Rock Systems in 1997 and created WaveWare Tech. with Janet.

John Childress

General Manager
DOE: 6/30/14

John has over 26 years experience in the Wireless Communication Industry. John was raised in Dallas and resides with his Wife & Son.

Dick Morrison

Operations/Purchasing Manager
DOE: 9/23/02

Dick has a background of many years in repairs. He also oversaw both commercial and on site paging networks. Dick lives in Texas and is married with 2 grown kids.

Jamie Davis

Business/Accounting Manager
DOE: 3/19/14

Jamie has over 15 years of Accounting and Finance experience, was raised in the DFW area, and lives with her husband Mark and their 3 children.

Mike Valdez

Senior Production/Systems Tech
DOE: 02/26/02

Mike Valdez lives in TX with his Wife and 2 daughters. Mike Loves to watch baseball and football, and he also likes to make wisecracks at nearby people.

Bob Clyburn

Senior Support/Hardware Engineer
DOE: 11/01/02

Bob was raised in the Mesquite area and resides in Texas with his wife Glenda. Bob also has his hands in most projects, documentation, and is the real hero here.

Alex Tyuluman

Senior Software/Networking Engineer
DOE: 5/08/14

Alex is a system developer using Java, Python, and C, building both server and client apps. Alex enjoys performing magic, visual arts, baking, and his dog Bento.

Jacqueline Albaugh

Senior Sales, Customer Service, Shipping
DOE: 3/15/05

Jackie resides in TX with her husband Scott and daughters Julianne and Allie. Jackie enjoys long walks on the beach and the Dallas Cowboys.

Hoan Hao

Lead Pager Tech
DOE: 6/30/14

Hoan has 20 years experience repairing pagers and will do so until the world finally gives up on pagers. He currently lives in North Texas with his spouse.

Jonathan Proctor

Support/Production Tech
DOE: 4/07/16

Proctor was raised in Clovis, New Mexico. Exiting his job at Cheddar's Casual Dining, Proctor graduated from TSTC in 2015. Excited about the future, he loiters around TX.

Nicholas Brown

Software Developer/Production Tech
DOE: 11/09/17

Dallas native, background in Apple support and IT services. He enjoys Bike riding, camping, old games & computers, cats, BBQ, the Dallas Stars, & obscure/boring automobiles.