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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

LED Displays

"WaveWare's inventory of Apollo, ElectroMatic and Adaptive Signs."

Apollo AS Series Wallpagers

"Works Like any POCSAG Pager"

Pictures Not to Scale.

Adaptive LED Displays

Adaptive 2-Line LED Displays

Alpha PPD

Alpha Personal Priority Display - (P/N= 1085-1212) Learn more...

Alpha 4080C

Alpha 4000 Series - (P/N's= 1018-[2218,1111-1114]) Learn more...

Sign Model Information

Alpha 4000 RGB MNS LED Displays

Alpha 9000 Series

Alpha 4000 RGB MNS Series -
(P/N's= 17778510[21/31/41/51]) Learn more...

Sign Model Information

Adaptive Multi-Line Director Displays

Alpha Director Display

Alpha Director Series -
(P/N's= 1022-[1411-1412]) Learn more...

Sign Model Information

Electro-Matic LED Displays and Software

EM 4U2SEE Series Display


(P/N= 4U2SEE)
Can come with either a Tri-Color (R+G+Y) Model,
or a SunBrite Single Color (R,G,Y,B,W)

Learn More...

Visions Play Software with Creator+

Visions Play

Allows the management and editing of all EM Displays.

Learn More...