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Pager Troubleshooting Guide

Meant for Basic troubleshooting, if you still have issues - contact us!


  • When sending a paging message to your SPS-5 system from the PC or paging terminal, the GREEN RF TX LED on the side of the transmitter should illuminate solid for a few seconds ( 3-4 Seconds ) to indicate that transmission is occurring.
  • If you don't receive a message on the selected paging receiver, follow the checklist below to troubleshoot paging reception:
  • Pager Checklist

    1. Pager is "turned on".
    2. Pager has a "fresh battery".
    3. Pager is properly defined in the "Paging Control Application Software" on the host PC or in the "paging terminal".
    4. Pager is located at least an arms length away from the transmitter unit during transmission.
      NOTE: Some paging receivers do not properly decode messages when the receivers are located in close proximity to the transmitter antenna, due to the radio signal being too strong.
    5. The antenna is attached to the transmitter.
    6. Pager is set for the same frequency as the WaveWare paging system.
    7. Pager uses the POCSAG paging protocol.
    8. Pager and paging system are both set to the same Baud Rate. (512, 1200 or 2400)

    Carrier Detect

    If the "Carrier Detect" mode is activated, and you find that paging transmissions are delayed for significant periods of time due to interference on the channel, you should temporarily inactivate the carrier detect mode. This would allow transmissions to occur regardless of other transmissions on the channel.

    You may find that you get excellent paging reception even with carrier detect inactivated. Please Note: The typical WaveWare paging system installation uses a 2 to 5 watt system that "Operates Subservient" to other operators on the same frequency.

    If you find that the unwanted transmissions are legal, and if you find that your paging reception is suffering due to the unwanted transmissions from another source, you may have to change your paging system to another frequency. A frequency change is a "costly process" and should be avoided.

    If you have multiple WaveWare paging systems installed in the same facility, and set at the same operating frequency, you should activate the Carrier Detect Mode on all paging systems in order to help ensure paging messages are being properly transmitted to paging receivers.

    Common Problem & Solution

    "The system seems to be working, but the pager is not responding". If the power supply "Brick" is too close to the paging system. The LED's may flash, but it is very possible that no signal was actually transmitted. Move the "Brick" portion of the Power Supply the full length of the cord away from the paging system and then send another test message.

    COM Port Settings

    You may be required to configure the COM port in the paging transmitter to establish the appropriate operating mode and serial communcation parameters. See the v9 Series Programming Guide on how to configure the COM ports and for more information.

    SPS-5 Series Troubleshooting Flow Chart

    If you would like a step-by-step process in troubleshooting your WaveWare paging system, see this: SPS-5 Troubleshooting Flow Chart.

    Still No Luck?

    After reviewing the above troubleshooting information, if you continue to have difficulty operating your WaveWare paging system or other WaveWare products...
    Please E-mail Tech Support at: support@wirelessmessaging.com or Call: 972.479.1702 x216.