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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

WaveWare SNAP Series (Serial Network Alert Processor)

"Make your system integrations a SNAP!"


Model: SNAP Mini


Licensed for Quantity of 3 Total I/O Ports
Licensed for Quantity of 1 Pager App Connection
Limited to 11 Total Pager App Concurrent Connections

Android & iOS Pager App
Now Available!

WaveWare Android Pager App
SNAP Standard

Model: SNAP Standard


Licensed for Quantity of 5 Total I/O Ports
Licensed for Quantity of 1 Pager App Connection
Limited to 250 Total Pager App Concurrent Connections
Can Create Reports Using the Email Output


 The SNAP (Serial Network Alert Processor) Series performs serial and/or Ethernet based alert detection and processing, allowing protocol conversion, repeat notification, escalation, translation, filtering, routing, logging, splitting, combining, scheduled processing and reporting. SNAP provides a Browser based configuration interface.

SNAP User License and Limitations:

 When SNAP is used for healthcare applications, by installing and configuring SNAP, the user agrees that SNAP has no UL certifications and is designed to operate only as a secondary alerting system for senior living and/or assisted living applications, and that SNAP should not be installed at sites where the user is not already operating a primary alerting system.



 Inovonics  Smartphone App
 E-Mail*  E-Mail
 Internet Browser Messaging*  Internet Browser Display*
 Accutech ResidentGuard LS 2400*  HDTV's (via DAV)
 Plain Text  COMP1
 Windows 8-10 OS*
 * = Extra Charge  CCTV-POS*

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