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Pager + LED Display Parts & Accessories

"If you can't find a part contact us!"

(Includes Belt Clip)

Apollo Gold Holster

Apollo 924 - P/N= 924HSLT
Apollo Gold - P/N= 929_HSLT
Apollo Pilot - P/N= HSTPILOT
Apollo 812 - P/N= HST812
Unication Legend - P/N= 00AD2HHHF1
Daviscomms Br802 - P/N= 159-400026R01

Battery Doors

Apollo Gold Battery Cover

Apollo 812 - P/N= 812BATDOOR
Daviscomms Br802 - P/N= 159-400026R01
Apollo 924 - P/N= 924BATDOOR
Apollo Gold - P/N= BTC
Apollo Pilot - P/N= BTCPILOT
Apollo T-2000 - P/N= BTC_2000
Unication Legend P/N= T71AD269BA
Daviscomms Br502 - P/N= 161-300104R04

Apollo Gold
Protective Cover

Apollo Gold w/Boot

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Apollo Gold Rubber Boot

Apollo Gold Cover
P/N= 929-BOOT

Apollo Lanyard Chain

Pager Lanyard Chains

Lanyard Chain
P/N= 155-DS010101

Apollo Pager Case Parts

Apollo 924 Front Case with Buttons
P/N= 924-FC
Apollo 924 Back Case- No batt door
P/N= 924-BC
Apollo Gold Front Case with Buttons
P/N= 929-FC
Apollo Gold Back Case- No batt door
P/N= 929-BC

Battery Doors Sold Seperately

Coaster Charging Dock     Paddle Charging Tray

Coaster Charger       Paddle Charger
P/N= 0410-1009      P/N=CHA02

Bravo 502 Belt Clip

Belt Clips

Apollo T-2000- P/N= HST2000
Daviscomms Br502- P/N= 155-400012R01

LED Display Accessories

Adaptive Sign Remotes

Beta Series Remotes

Beta Brite Classic Remote
Beta Brite PRISM Remote

Beta Brite Classic
(P/N= 1072-9001)
Beta Brite PRISM
(P/N= 1072-9001)

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Newer Classic (P1036 also called 213C-1) and Prism Models - Remote. These Model's Power Supply Plugs into the " Side of the Sign "

Alpha Series Remote

Adaptive Alpha Series Remote Alpha Series Remote
(P/N= 1072-1112CLF)
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All Alpha Models - Remote. These Model's Power Supply Plugs into the " Back of the Sign "

Adaptive Networking & Software Proudcts

Alpha Sign Control Software

Adaptive AlphaNet v3.0 CD - (P/N= 1092-9116)
Adaptive Active-X Control - (P/N= 1102-9115)
WaveWare LED Sign Control - (P/N= 0212-0020)
WaveWare LED Clock Time-Sync - (P/N= 0212-0011)

Beta Sign Control Software

Adaptive Beta-Brite Classic - (P/N= 1102-9102)
(Comes with RS-232 Cable and PC Adaptor)

Adaptive Beta-Brite Prism - (P/N= 1196-600501B)
(Cable Sold Separate)

Adaptive Networking Accessories

EOL Terminator
Ethernet/RJ11 Adapter II

End-of-Line Terminator
(P/N= 1088-9107)
Ethernet/RJ11 Adapter II
(P/N= 1088-1114B)

Strobe/Horn Annunciation Devices

Federal Strobes
Werma Strobe

Federal Strobe
Annunciation Kit
(P/N= 0601-0200)
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Werma Strobe
Annunciation Kit
(P/N= 0601-0118)
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