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WaveWare Paid Software Applications

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RSS Feed to LED Sign


The RSS Feed to LED Sign software is designed to deliver RSS feed headlines to Adaptive Microsystems and Electro-Matic LED message boards, using a variety of control features.

(P/N - 0212-0024)

LED Sign Messaging

LED Sign Messaging

The LED sign messaging software is designed to control adaptive LED message boards via wide area paging services.

(P/N - 0212-0020)

Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise Server & Client

   WaveWare Enterprise Messaging Software allows you to enhance your operational productivity by allowing you to deliver messages from one or more windows systems to on-site pagers, E-mail, and wide area pagers. WaveWare Enterprise Messaging software allows you to configure a recipient list, that can contain pagers or E-mail addresses and now includes a web browser interface to send messages.

(P/N = 0212-0003) - Unlimited Clients
(P/N = 0212-0004) - 3 Clients (No Browser Client & No E-Mail Server)
Enterprise Server Software
Enterprise Client Software

WaveWare Alert Utility Software

Alert Utility

   WaveWare Alert Utility allows you to monitor up to 4 serial ports for a variety of alarm and messaging conditions. Input protocols supported include: Plain text /COMP1, COMP2, TAP, and Inovonics(tm). Output protocols supported include WaveWare Enterprise Messaging, direct serial TAP, SMTP, SNPP, LED Message Boards, Text to Speech. Alert Utility supports output to both individual recipients and recipient groups.

(P/N = 0212-0007)
(P/N = 0212-0010) - Add 1 I/O Port

WaveWare Call Manager

Call Manager

   Call Manager Software is designed to monitor service call requests from both Inovonics wireless transmitters and from wired call systems, while notifying call activation and deactivation events via pager and LED message board, while logging the event history. A report generation utility is also provided.

(P/N = 0212-0022)

WaveWare Port Logger

Port Logger

This app monitors and logs any information sent through the COM port that it is monitoring. It logs the time and date of each event.

(P/N = 0212-0012)

LED Clock Time Sync

Clock Time Sync

This app synchronizes LED clocks from internet NTP time servers, and it also updates the host PC system time.

(P/N - 0212-0011)