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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

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RMS App Now Available for iOS & Android


iOS Compatible Devices

Android Devices
The Responder 5000 Messaging App allows SIP calls, routed from a SIP server to a Responder 5000 Messaging Server, to be pushed to iOS and Android Devices. The App requires a Responder 5000 Messaging Server in order to function. Below are some details as well as links to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

•Displays notices generated by the Rauland Responder 5000 Messaging communications system.

•Color-coded notices and specific notification sounds represent message priority

•Answerable notices can be Declined or Answered.

•Non-Answerable notices can be Acknowledged.

•Available for iOS and Android.

10/5/18 News

Come visit us at the AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo, October 7 – 10, 2018, at the San Diego Convention Center in sunny San Diego, CA. Come visit us at booth # 524. There will be a demonstration setup for our new SNAP Hardware.

SNAP Mini Now Available

9/28/18 (P/N: 0250-1501)


 The SNAP (Serial Network Alert Processor) system performs serial and/or Ethernet based alert detection and processing, allowing protocol conversion, repeat notification, escalation, translation, filtering, routing, logging, splitting, combining, scheduled processing and reporting. SNAP provides a Browser based configuration interface.

SNAP-Mini Features:

• Licensed for Quantity of 3 Total I/O Ports
• Licensed for Quantity of 1 Pager App Connection
• Limited to 11 Total Pager App Concurrent Connections

The SNAP Standard Model is currently in testing and will be available soon!

Learn more...Download Manual

The WW Digital Alert Viewer POCSAG Moves into Beta Testing
*Update 9/27/18* - WW DAV Series (Digital Alert Viewer) Now Available



 The WaveWare DAV Products are designed to monitor and process alert messages, display a list of active alerts on attached digital televisions via an HDMI interface, and audibly notify personnel when a new alert is processed. DAV Products are available in 3 models: The DAV, the DAVp and the DAVp-R:

• DAV (P/N: 0250-1010) – A DAV which utilizes the Pi 3 and Ethernet to Connect with the WaveWare MARS™ and the WaveWare SNAP using Only the LAN to Receive the Alert Messages and an HDMI Output to Display the Alerts List onto the Digital Monitors.

• DAVp (P/N: 0250-1070) – A DAV but with a Paging Data Receiver (PDR) Module. Monitors “RF” for Alert Message Activation and Cancellation Signals via a Paging Transmitter and Manages the Display of “Active Alerts” on an attached Digital Monitors.

• DAVp-R (P/N: 0520-1071) – A DAVp but with an Added DC Relay Output Module, for use with External Annunciation Devices, (EX: The Horn / Strobe Combos, Sold Separate).

DAV Brochure

DAVp BrochureDownload DAVp Manual

New MARS Tutorials are on Youtube

Mobile Alert Response System

 The WaveWare Youtube Channel has just uploaded 4 new Tutorial videos detailing how to setup different inputs and outputs. If you want to request a certain video be made, or if you have questions on the operation and configuration of the MARS, feel free to contact us during business hours.

Visit Youtube Channel

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