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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

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The WW Digital Alert Viewer POCSAG Moves into Beta Testing



 The WaveWare DAVp is designed to monitor and process RF alert messages, display a list of active alerts on attached digital televisions via an HDMI interface, and audibly notify personnel when a new alert is processed. The DAVp monitors for alert messages using an embedded radio paging receiver and is configured via OTA (Over-the-Air) commands delivered via a radio paging system, or configured via a web browser. We are currently performing a battery of tests to make sure that it can work in high transmission enviroments, and are also testing for rare Use-Cases and bugs. Contact us today for more information, demos, and for possible launch dates.

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New MARS Tutorials are on Youtube

Mobile Alert Response System

 The WaveWare Youtube Channel has just uploaded 4 new Tutorial videos detailing how to setup different inputs and outputs. If you want to request a certain video be made, or if you have questions on the operation and configuration of the MARS, feel free to contact us during business hours.

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Rauland Messaging Server now Available


Rauland RMS

 The Rauland Responder 5000 Messaging Server (RMS) is now available to purchase. This device allows you to take multiple inputs, including Rauland's SIP protocol, and convert them to various output protocols as well as routing such alerts and data to the correct employee devices. The RMS can be configured through an on-board web browser interface or through another PC's web browser that is connected to the same network. The RMS also uses an android app that can be used to route alerts to employee smartphones (iOS app is still in development). Contact us with any questions you have about the product as well as pricing information and integration solutions.

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