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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

WaveWare's Mobile Alert Response System

A Messaging Server with the power to Monitor an Entire Installation Site!

Mobile Alert Response System
Inovonics EN-1221S

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WaveWare's MARS

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 The WaveWare Mobile Alert Response System (MARS) allows you to monitor alarms, sensors, and many data input protocols. After receiving data from one of the above methods, you can convert that data to a new output protocol, display the alert on a TV/Smartphone, and route the call to a specific person(s), paging device(s), or building zone(s) listed in the MARS. The Power Supply runs at 19V, 1.5A. Here is a breakdown of the key features:

  • Protocol Conversion: The MARS is capable of converting many data inputs (E-Mail, Inovonics, TAP, etc.) from a Serial-USB or Ethernet Port into a desired output protocol (TAP, E-mail, etc.)

  • Alert Monitoring/Viewing: Generated alerts can be viewed through the Digital Alert Viewer App on a SmartPhone, PC, or a connected TV. Alerts can also be escalated, responded to, or completed manually from the app or PC connection.

  • Mobile Sensor Monitoring: The MARS is able to sense mobile Inovonics products and WaveTrac sensors. WaveTrac sensors can generate alerts based on patient proximity to WaveTrac receivers or if they leave their assigned room. When a mobile Inovonics transmitter activates an alarm, the closest Inovonics receiver can to send its location data to the MARS.

  • Zone Managing & Escalation: The MARS can route alerts from data inputs to any number of personel, devices, or installation site zones. It also escalates existing alerts to other zones/personel/devices when those alerts go unanswered allowing for multi-level alert escalations.

  • Scheduling Reports & Shift Management: The MARS allows administrators to generate reports regarding the data, alerts, and responses that have occured in the MARS on a timed basis. Shifts can also be managed from the MARS to make sure that alerts do not go out to the wrong personel.

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