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WaveWare Free Software Applications

All WaveWare software here is for free use. Enjoy!

SPS-5 Series Encoder Programming Software

Encoder Software

"Has everything to set up and test your SPS-5 System"

  • The WaveWare Paging Encoder Setup Software allows you to configure and test your WaveWare paging system, as well as perform range testing.

  • Pager Families: Allows the configuration of pager: cap codes, ID's, baud rate, function bit, and pager type (Alphanumeric, Numeric, etc.).

  • Group Paging: Allows the setup of group ID's and the listing of pager ID's associated with the group.

  • Canned Msgs: Allows the configuration of a list of messages associated with a message number (1-15).

  • Settings: Allows the configuration of the port settings, paging communications protocol and advanced features.

  • Program/Read Encoder: Programs/Reads the encoder with the latest/current configuration.

  • Test Encoder: Allows the testing of a system and pagers using the programmed configuration, and it offers a range test feature for doing a site survey.

  • Lookup ID: Checks for an existing pager ID in the database and gives a response displaying the configuration of the selected pager.

Other Free WaveWare Products

WaveWare Port Checker

This app looks at all serial & USB COM ports on the device and displays the status of each port.

WaveWare TAP Paging Demo

This program is designed to troubleshoot TAP communications as they go across the network, the encoder, and the pagers.

WaveWare Discovery & Reset Tool

This program allows you to see all WaveWare devices connected by ethernet to your network and open them in a browser if they are compatible.