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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

Amplifiers & Repeaters

"Great Products for Paging Range Extension!"

Apollo RP-125 Repeater


Apollo RP-125 Repeater

Use to extend paging signals into problem areas.
(P/N= RP125)

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Apollo TE Series Amplifier


Apollo TA500 Amplifier

Use with ONLY Apollo TE series paging systems.
5 watts UHF (P/N= 0119-1002)

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WaveWare TPL Amplifier Kit

Tripp-Lite Power SupplyFiberglass Antenna

Amplifies RF:
25 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1002)
50 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1003)
100 watt Kit - (P/N= 0007-1008)
WaveWare RF power amplifier kits include: A mobile amplifier, a 15 amp power supply, a fiberglass antenna, mounting hardware, and all Coax cables required.

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