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Enhancing Mobile Alert Response

Alarm Contact Monitoring

ACM Solutions by ComPPage


comPPage PIA-3264 R2

(P/N=0121-0008)Main System - 16 Contacts
(P/N=0121-0009)Slave System - 16 Contacts
(P/N=0121-0010)Expansion Card - 4 Contacts per Card

The PIA-3264 has an ethernet cable to connect to a web browser with a connection to the Local Area Network.

Log All Alarms Created: All Logs are stored in files for the last 24 Hours and can be stored on a SD card.

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comPPage DVIF10

(P/N=0121-0100) 10 Contacts

comPPage’s Dry or Voltage Interface unit (DVIF-10) offers the user a Selection of 10 Inputs, either Non-Voltage or Voltage.

Can be expanded for up to 3 slave units for a total of 40 contacts

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